About Us

Made in Boston.

Our focus is excellence in application programming interfaces.

APPLICATION.AI was founded in 2010 by Matt Gross to assist companies with interoperable services and APIs. These interfaces allow disparate technology stacks to speak with each other to open up innovations such as AI and bot interfaces, mobile apps, and embedded applications. We also assist with security best practices and adherence with regulatory requirements such as PCI and HIPAA. Our experiences crosses many functional areas including location-based technologies, IoT interfaces, and machine learning.

Focus areas include:
API Infrastructure - REST, JSON, Microservices, Rate limiting, Transactional billing
Security and Regulatory - Authentication, Monitoring, Secure Storage/Transfer, HIPAA, and PCI Compliance
Developer Program - API Portal, Documentation, Developer Tools, SDKs, Developer Marketing
Technology Partnerships - Interoperability projects, Marketing Collateral, Technical Sales, Project Management