API and developer program for on-demand beverage delivery. Built tools from javascript modules to SDKs. Managed technology integrations with large brand partners and marketing agencies. Expanded developer program for innovative services from IoT devices to recipe websites to hotel networks. Launched legal framework for API with revenue model.

Leaf / Heartland

Cloud-based open API for mobile point of sale device and payments service. Created partner marketplace for small business and payments vendors including Stripe, American Express, and Quicken. Launched JSON API and mobile SDK. Developed POS partnerships and enterprise technology interfaces. Managed developer program and partnerships with Google, Paypal, and others.

T-Mobile Bobsled

Mobile chat application and SDK built on APIs for voice, video, and cloud services. Feature development of user authentication, text chat, voice calling, and video chat using real time streaming via cloud and peer-to-peer iOS and Android. Modeled transactional monetization layer based on landline and mobile termination and virtual phone number propagation.